Yummy Chocolate Fondue!!

It’s the weekend and I got to spend some quality time with Mammy!! 😀

We went to Theobroma Chocolate Lounge for some delicious chocolate fondue~~

Choco fondue


Choco fondue1



Back in Auckland! :D

Hello everyone!

I was away on a conference in Australia last week.

It was such a fun trip!

Would have been even more awesome though if I had gotten the chance to cuddle a Koala!


Maybe next time~~ 🙂

I had posted some photos from it on my other food-related blog.

Please feel welcome to check them out!! 😀


good morning

Good morning from New Zealand! I hope you all have a better morning than me!!

It is Saturday morning, and I was planning to do a blog entry on my brand new camera today.

It was all so exciting when I went and picked up the camera from the seller on Tuesday. The seller made the effort to assure me that it is brand new and had never been used. (The camera was still in its original packaging, and did appear brand new to me.)

As of this morning, all ready to go, I had the brand new battery well and fully charged, and even rushed out yesterday (skipping morning tea) to purchase a Class 10 micro SDHC 8GB card especially for it….. only to now discover, when I turned the power on for the first time, that the touchscreen does not work.


Therefore, now my focus is on returning the faulty camera to the seller in order to secure a refund. I had also taken plenty of photos during the unboxing process, which are redundant now~~

Being a first time Trade Me user, I was silly enough to give the seller a positive feedback without testing the traded item out first. For someone who is already very paranoid, I am probably going to become even more paranoid now~~~~~ confused

To be fair though, the seller might not have known there was an issue with the product. I had contacted him regarding the issue, and am in the process of waiting to hear back from him.

I had also made contact with Trade Me to inform them of my faulty purchase, in case the seller is unresponsive, which I dearly hope doesn’t happen!! eek

First time bidding on Trade Me~~


Trade Me – New Zealand’s Online Auction Site

LOL!! It was a very intense experience for me! And I am glad to say I won the auction!!

It was for a new camera, which I plan to do a post on once I get my hands on it~~ 🙂

Up until the end of the auction I could feel my heart racing, while obsessively clicking on the refresh button.

Baby P and Baby C were taking turns being held firmly by me during this adrenaline-pumping time.

Fingers crossed that it will be a smooth trade off and I will have my new camera soon!! 😀

The Kiwi Sun..

Most people love a sunny day. cool

However, I am sure we can also agree there is such a thing as too much sun.


There are many areas in NZ which had been declared drought zones, the humidity has gone down so much the current update is that it is likely nearly the entire North Island will be declared in drought by the end of the week.

In the past few days when I am out walking my dogs, I feel like I am being barbecued~~ confused

Honestly, when I am out in the sun I can FEEL it burning me. Luckily I haven’t had any actual sunburn.. yet…

The sunlight is so strong that even my hair has developed a reddish tinge to it.

I really hope there will be some rain and clouds coming, and that humidity increases soon! eek