Going Bananas~~ 🍌🍌🍌

Funny how a little competition has increased the demand for bananas at home.

When I first got Peanut-Dog, she absolutely HATED bananas, at most, she would hold it in her mouth for a bit, then spit it right out and stare at me like I was being stupid.

I had tried countless times feeding her bananas, because I know they are a good source of potassium,Β manganese, copper, vitamin B6, biotin, and vitamin C.

Apparently, dogs are supposed to love bananas, but due to Peanut-Dog’s disgust with them, I just assumed that Jellybaby would find them unpalatable as well.

How time flies~~ my little Jellybaby had turned 6 recently, and for his Birthday, which I completely forgot until Facebook reminded me, I got him a banana.

The reason being I had nothing else better to give him. Yes, I am such a good mum!Β lol

I thought at least he would eat a bite or two, since Jellybaby ever only turn down food which are too sour for him.

So I proceeded to break up the banana in a small piece and gave it to Jellybaby, which he smelled for less than a second before gobbling it up.

A sense of relief came over me, and I thought to myself, ‘Good! I didn’t just waste the banana!’

I continued to break up more banana for Jellybaby, which he happily consumed.

That was when I noticed Peanut-Dog staring at me so very intently.

Naturally, I just ignored her, since I thought she hated bananas.

Well….. little did I know.. she has since had a change of heart~~

Somehow, the fact that Jellybaby and I were both busy munching on the banana (one entire banana would have been too much for Jellybaby to finish), it had triggered something in Peanut-Dog.

As we were about to finish the banana, Peanut-Dog abruptly shoved herself between Jellybaby and I.

Her intense stare demanded attention.

Unsure of what Peanut-Dog was doing and wanting, I decided to try giving her a little bit of the banana also.

I thought maybe she feels left out, and once she bit into it, she would spit it right out again.

However, to my absolute amazement, Peanut-Dog just ate it.

It was the first time she has ever eaten a piece of banana.

Needless to say, both of my fur babies now LOVE bananas.





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